I talk about game design and game makers all the time. Have you been given cause to wonder what it would be like if I actually made a game? In that sort of, “if you’re so smart, why don’t you do something about it kind of way?” Or perhaps in the, “wow, this bloke sounds like he might be on about something.” Well, wonder no more.

You may have already read this on cookiemonger’s blog, but Desiderata is an RPG Maker VX project CM and I have been working on for the last couple weeks (as she was simultaneously finishing edits on her novel, which was only just published on Smashwords – talk about multitasking), and we recently completed the first chapter.

Desiderata link on 4shared

If you aren’t familiar with how RPG Maker works, there is a library of various images and sounds that are usually necessary to run any game made with the program, referred to as the “RTP.” (Runtime Package? I don’t remember what it means.) The installer should include the RTP, but if it doesn’t you can find it here.

(Make sure you get the one for RPG Maker VX, not RPG Maker VX Ace.)

The demo is about an hour long, and is heavily story- and character-based, though there’s also some combat too, in case you were worried. We’re headed in a sort of anti-grind direction, though if you’re so inclined, you can probably spend a good deal of time in that first little dungeon area, leveling to your hearts’ content.

We are oriented in a vaguely anti-grind direction, and there are generous amounts of free healing available if you aren’t a turn-based RPG combat nut. Of course, I’m sure there are lots of you out there who are the self-imposed challenge type, and that’s who I balanced the combat system toward. Nice to have both options, eh?

Anyway, go and check out the first chapter of Desiderata and let us know what you think. You can comment here, or on CM’s blog, just as long as you let one of us know. We haven’t brought in many people outside to beta-test, but we have collectively play-tested this game for hours and hours and hours. So much testing.

So yeah, go play. Do it now! Screenshots will be forthcoming.

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