This is an updated version of the Dee Point Five Warden class. You can follow the link at the bottom of the post to see the previous version. The main points of the class are its ‘state’ feature, its ‘craft’ feature, and its ‘role’ feature.

The Charger role provides mainly passive bonuses to health and damage, which you can see reflected in the Primal Might feature. The Primeval state, when coupled with the Alter Form Craft power, becomes Guardian Form. The warden is primarily a defensive class, and you can see it at odds with itself also being a Charger.

The warden wasn’t originally a class I figured as utilizing the Creation Craft, but I think he fits rather well considering some of his powers. The warden manipulates himself and his environment using powers drawn from the Primeval state of magic, and uses them to protect himself and his allies. It still feels like it’s missing something.

I’m not sure what I would describe as missing from the equation though, it might just be the absence of other obvious sources of clutter, like racial features, encounter powers, and all kinds of weird, mixed-up shenanigans. Padding, I guess. It feels like it’s missing all the padding that normally comes with a character class. Superfluous stuff.

Like that paragraph.

The warden has the following class features, described below: Font of Life, Guardian Form, and Primal Might.

Font of Life
When an enemy dodges your attack, remove damage from yourself as though you used Guard, with a bonus equal to your Constitution modifier.

Guardian Form
You gain access to the Alter Form power if you don’t already have it. Once per encounter when you use Alter Form, you may assume Guardian Form. While in Guardian Form, you ignore the effects of the Harried status.

Alter Form [Basic, Move]
Sudden action
Range personal
Effect You assume a form that alters your abilities. The form is an ongoing effect that remains until the end of the encounter, you assume a different form, or you revert your form as a Swift action.

Primal Might
You gain the Resist defensive tactic.

Reduce the damage you take from attacks that target you by half.

You get a +2 bonus to health at scale 1, and you get a +2 bonus to health each time you advance in scale, for a total of +60 at scale 30.

When you engage an enemy, you can use your Constitution bonus instead of your Strength bonus for the purpose of dealing extra damage.

You get a +3 bonus to damage with basic attacks you make while in Guardian Form and armed with an axe or maul.

Ready Weapon [Basic, Move]
Sudden action
Range personal
Effect You arm yourself with a weapon. This is an ongoing effect that remains until the end of the encounter, you arm a different weapon, or you drop the weapon as a Swift action.

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