Since I was offline much of the day yesterday, I spent it cleaning up switches and variables in the “repeatable mystery adventure” project. I had reached a point where I was using tons of extra variables to perform functionally the same tasks, and what I needed to do was set aside a few for “Random Access” on minor tasks.

Also, I realized I had lots of events with lots of extra lines of code that all did functionally the same thing – advance the hour, increment the day, fatigue the player character, and so on – so I gave the events an overhaul and significantly cut down on the amount of repeated events. And all with only one new Common Event.

Incidentally, I realized I needed to clean up my variables when I started working on the “market day” events and it occurred to me that I hadn’t installed a way to actually keep track of the days. The “market day” is supposed to be a repeatable event, but there was no way for me to track the day of the week, only the total number of game days.

That meant I did finally have to sit down and figure out how I wanted my calendar to work. I’ve settled on a “lunar” calendar, with four seven-day weeks named for the phase of the moon, which I think is fairly authentic for the kind of game I’m working on. Whether I incorporate seasons or not is another matter – though probably not.


The man your code could smell like.

Anyway, all was going well until about eleven o’clock last night. I had spent a sizable portion of the evening working through events, when RPG Maker VX then began to repeatedly hang during test mode. I had been saving all along, so it wasn’t like I had lost anything. I went through a mental list of everything that might be wrong.

I figured on creating backups of various parts of the database, replacing them with “clean” versions I knew worked, thereby isolating the problem. Not only did this fail to work, but the program started hanging faster and longer. I figured it was a hardware problem at that point, and rebooted Thanatos.

When my system came back up, I was able to enter test mode with no problems, so I checked that off as a hardware problem, and satisfied that it was taken care of, decided to give the code a once-over, and then go to bed.

They was gone.

The complex events I had created to track hours and time of day, and days of the week, and the lunar phase, were all gone. Somewhere between backups and restores, the events I had written had been overwritten, and were subsequently gone.

I spent the next two hours rewriting the events from memory and testing them to make sure I hadn’t left out any of the switches or variables I had worked so meticulously to trim down over the last couple days. There’s still some stuff missing, but I have the important stuff back – I’ll have to rewrite non-combat encounters and adventures.

I got off lucky because most of what was lost was formula, rather than content. Like if someone came along and erased a chalkboard with a bunch of math problems on it, it doesn’t change the fact that you still know the formulas.

Lucky. Right.

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