I’m taking a break from the adventure this week to talk about some stuff. This episode is on the shorter side because I’m not entirely sure just how well-received 15 minutes of me just talking to you about stuff will be. This is unscripted, as my episodes tend to be (read: always are), so you can look at this as a basically a vlog.

If you want to be nice. *grin*

Though I may be holding a Third Edition Player’s Handbook there, I’m not talking about the history of Dungeons & Dragons in this episode. I’m talking about the inception of the Norvendae storytelling / game system. It just so happens that it coincides with a seminal event in D&D history, er, that is to say, Fourth Edition.

I failed to mention the name of the convention tournament or anyone I worked with on the earliest version of the game system, this is intentional. I haven’t really talked to anyone about it in ages, and not all of the really old stuff necessarily belongs to me. Everything after a certain point does, but not all the early stuff.

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