Sometimes you have to take things one at a time, and sometimes the things don’t wait for you and decide to take you all at once. This morning was one of the latter.

I had difficulty getting the latest episode of the dithering idium online, and the day went downhill from there. The episode is online now, and I’m working on the post for it – if you haven’t already gone to take a look, it’s already available on Blip. I’ve also spent some time cleaning up around the apartment and just relaxing.

Finally got around to doing a few of those things I’ve been meaning to do for a while. A couple weeks back I was contacted by someone whom I can only assume was a scammer – whom I must praise for having successfully guessed one of my email addresses, as it is nowhere on the Internet that I know.

Ultimately, no harm was done, I apparently chased them off by knowing more about what they were trying to sell than they did, but I was left with a reminder of all my goals and where I stand with them. My conclusion was, “nowhere near where I’d like to be.” That prompted me to take care of the “few things” mentioned above.

I’ve upgraded my PayPal account in anticipation of a couple things. I’ve enabled advertising with Blip (as of my thirteenth episode!) and I’ve created an account with Project Wonderful – Norvendae is currently under review, and I should know within the next week or so if I’ll be able to advertise through the site. Not much will change.

Some of my projects require time and money, and there never seems to be enough of these things to go around. I need contacts and I realize now that I’m going to have to reach out to other people – I mean, again. I realized again. It’s always been that way, really. No one else is going to reach out to me, and that’s just the way it is.

There are other things I have to remember to do. All this stuff feels overwhelming. And yet, it has to be done, and it has to be done by me. So, yeah.