Right before the holiday, I lost the USB memory stick I’d been using to transfer data between various computers. I have no idea what became of it, since I misplaced it somewhere between my desk at work and the apartment. Though a minor setback at first, considering what I was working on at the time, it’s a frustrating one.

But perhaps it was what I needed.

Cookiemonger has been getting after me to switch over to using Evernote to keep track of the files I use constantly, and now that I can’t “simply” transfer documents using the memory stick, I figure it’s a good time to learn Evernote.

I’ve found a number of very useful features in the software, and speculated on the uses for some I haven’t had time to try yet. I outgrew the document I was using to keep track of my Greece notes almost the same week I made it (back in what, May?) and Evernote allows me to keep all of my related information in different notes.

It even uses timestamps.

There’s even a way to integrate URLs so that I can keep track of my information sources within the text of my notes. It’s like, “Yo dawg, I heard you like research, so I put source material in your research notes so you can research while you notate.”

Anyway, I’m finally sorting out some things that have been muddled for ages, and I had a realization only a little while ago: since Evernote is searchable and tag-able, I can upload every single comic script I have, and whenever I need to reference something, I can find it … easily. So easy it seems stupid. Like, me stupid.

This is truly the beginning of a new … something.