I read an article on Sly Flourish yesterday about the place for flash fiction in a roleplaying game. The article discusses how little pieces of evocative fiction can enhance the sense of setting, character, mystery, tension, and so forth.

“Writing Great Flash Fiction”

The title felt like a bit of a misnomer despite the tips the article gives. I suppose writing fiction isn’t the first thing your typical game master thinks of when preparing for the next game session, but most of the stuff in it is review for any game master who does. Be evocative. Be concise. Revise, revise, revise.

It’s a helpful reminder from a site where helpful reminders are welcome, and that’s why I think it works here. It’s always a good idea as a game master, to try and evoke your players’ imaginations in as many different ways as possible, from combat to skill challenges, maps, miniatures, and prose, videos, Power Point, et cetera.

Write, write, write.

I know I forget sometimes, when I’m caught up in whatever project of the day I might be focusing on, to take some time to decide how a particular encounter is supposed to be cool and evocative. I mean, to me. Why would I want to play through a particular encounter myself? What is my draw to it? How do I describe that?

Don’t leave your passion in your notes. While the point of the research is to spark your imagination and get you working. Make the monster. Write the prose.