I wrote the summary for Chapter 5. There’s more that is difficult to explain, but I think I hit the highlights. This one was kind of hard for me to summarize, again without passing judgment on the characters. I kind of admire Nenshe for his ability to analyze and manipulate in this chapter, and he’s also a jerk for it.

He demonstrates his ability to create and execute a plan between Chapters 3 and 5, though we don’t immediately see the consequences of his manipulations (well, we’re given a hint). In later story arcs, we’re shown that he ultimately failed, that the group continued to unravel following this and another event.

I’m almost afraid to say that Nenshe is at his most effective in this first story arc, and that he went downhill insofar as narrative strength or cohesion is concerned. I could be wrong of course, and I tried to recapture the inherent awesomeness of his, uh, stoicism, but I think it was one of those things I didn’t have time to do properly.

Chapter 5
Nenshe is talking to Julian, whom we’re given to understand is one of the characters Nenshe has been tasked with recruiting (it follows from Chapter 3). Nenshe mentions the name of the ship, the Themia, and its captain, Argyle, and talks a little about his time with, and views of, the Order of Orion. Not a lot of love lost there.

Nenshe and Julian engage in a bit of wordplay, and it becomes clear that Nenshe has been deceiving Julian when the latter advises Nenshe on the views and intent of the rest of the group. They go to meet with the others, and we’re officially introduced to Baraka, Eirena, Koedes, Narisa, and Ruasar.

What follows is the unfolding of Nenshe’s plan – he manipulates both the group’s perception of the Order of Orion and his actions in observing them, stirs up the existing discontent, and then quickly withdraws contact to allow events to unfold. Almost immediately, Julian pursues to demand an explanation.