At this point, I’ve gone into full-on fantasy world building mode.

There are some mythical kings of Egypt and Libya that don’t really fit into the chronology of the respective countries, and I’ve decided to move them to Euboea. This might not technically be news, I think I talked about it before, but now it’s sort of irreversible. I don’t want to rewrite the region’s history any more.

I mean, any more than I already have. Which is substantial… and ongoing.

I’ve taken the story of Belus and Agenor and used it to create a dynasty of kings, and new founders of “Euboean Troy” and “Euboean Abydos,” respectively. I’m integrating the Abduction of Europa into their history, and through that, connected Euboea with the mainland in terms of myth, kingship, wars, and so forth.

Cadmus, son of Agenor, goes on a quest to find his sister Europa, along with his brothers Cilix and Phoenix. None of them return, but Cadmus goes on to found a dynasty in Boeotia. That one will come up several times, ’cause he’s linked to Laius, and therefore Oedipus, and thereafter Eteocles and Polynices, and Laodamas.

There’s that whole civil war thing. And its sequel. Kind of a big deal. *snerk*

But then, Belus is succeeded by Danaus, for whom the Danaans are named (see also: the Achaeans and the Trojan War). Since I’ve split the Trojan War up into three, it turns out that they could all be seen as civil wars – first with the Boeotians (descended from Cadmus) and then the Mycenaeans (descended from Perseus).

Fun stuff!