Jeez, I am so behind the times.

One of the other guys I know from my Smiley Productions days not only still makes games, but has a game available on a number of major online retailers, like Steam and several others I am too much of a dungeon-dweller to recognize. Seriously, go check out his game Offspring Fling!, which will be featured at PAX Prime.

Besides, it has a totally sweet video trailer.

It also has a demo, which I’ll admit I haven’t tried yet, but there’s gameplay in the footage and lots of screen shots! Check them out now! DOO EET.

This game looks awesome.

Just to list off some things from the website: there are over one hundred levels in the whole game (which you can pick up for less than ten dollars) and a level editor so you can make your own! It is described as a puzzle-platformer and it looks like there’s some mad stacking (offspring?), block manipulation, and button-pushing going on.

Running, jumping, and flinging to be sure. *grins*

I’m still way overdue for a long fireside chat about Smiley Productions. It’s starting to look more and more inevitable that I’m going to have to dig up some of my old projects and, … uh, … look at them at least. You know, maybe even talk about them. No way I would ever put them online though, that would be ridiculous. I don’t think they work.

Still, I looked up Multimedia Fusion 2 on Amazon a little while back.