While writing an earlier, I stumbled across this cool blog, Between Are The Doors, which has a variety of Arkham Horror mods based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural. While I can’t speak from experience of having used them (really, I only just discovered them), I really like some of the ideas they’ve presented.

Between Are The Doors

Arkham Horror

Cosmicism is a mainstay of Hollywood, you could almost call Buffy and Supernatural parts of the Mythos.

Their customer Buffy characters are disallowed from using guns and spells for the most part, since only a handful of characters in the show demonstrated any aptitude for spellcasting, and guns are nearly nonexistent within the show. It makes sense for other reasons – such the characters still being in high school.

The slayers have the ability to ignore monster combat modifiers (the usual penalties for fighting monsters), which helps offset some of the loss of weapon capabilities – if I remember correctly, melee weapons tend to be less powerful and less plentiful than guns in Arkham Horror. Hey, it isn’t the Twenties Thirties Whenever anymore.

Just a quick look at the Supernatural stuff had me kicking myself for not thinking of it sooner. Sam and Dean Winchester are basically in a story of modern-day Mythos antics – actually, come to think of it, Lovecraft‘s Cosmicism makes far greater sense for the Supernatural ‘verse than … what they’re using. I mean, really.

There’s some other cool stuff on the site that I want to dig into – it looks like they have some homebrew roleplaying systems as well, and they may have a store somewhere but I’m not sure. If you have some time, check out this site. It looks pretty cool!

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