Hey, I heard you like chiptunes…

Anyway, I’d like to direct your attention over to a friend’s website: BenLandis.com. Ben’s a friend from my Smiley Production days, which is a story I’ve less-than-half told anyone recently. I’ll tell the story someday. I think I wrote one of the longer treatments of Smiley Production history, which I might even have around somewhere.

Ben just released an album back in February, called Adventures in Pixels, which you could totally buy right now if you’re so inclined. That is so much cooler than me, I have nothing I have sell. No products for purchase. No store or anything. *sniffle*

He’s also on Twitter and FaceBook and stuff, and the guy actually produces music professionally, which makes him even cooler than me. I am lame when it comes to music. Like, there was one time when I tried writing songs, but it never went anywhere. His stuff is much cooler, so check it now. No really, do. Go. Like, now.

I’ll tell the Smiley Productions story later.