GoldStruck is a project in collaboration with cookiemonger.

Continued from THIS POST.

You watch your screen as the graphical representation of LANEY approaches the MASSIVE TANGLE OF PIPEWORK and begins manipulating the controls. On your screen you see her quite comically turning the BRIGHT RED VALVE.

A countdown timer, labeled NEXT WAVE, appears at the top of your screen.

Also on the screen, a NOT VERY HELPFUL GUIDE appears to be hovering next to LANEY. You wonder if it came out of the MASSIVE TANGLE OF PIPEWORK. To you, the NOT VERY HELPFUL GUIDE looks like a jumbled bunch of glowing paperclips.

> use helpful guide

You don’t see a HELPFUL GUIDE.

> use not very helpful guide

It doesn’t do anything.

> haha

You think of something funny, and laugh to yourself.

> examine timer

There are a bit less than eight minutes on the timer. It looks like just enough time to catch one’s breath, perhaps collect their spoils, maybe shore up their defenses, or perhaps just flip out and start screaming their head off.

You wonder which LANEY is doing.

The first question that pops into your head after that is, “wave of what?” The second question is “what about the first wave?”

> find first wave

You scroll around the map, looking for the “first wave.” You scour the map, but you don’t see anything that might be a “first wave.” Or any wave for that matter.

> chat with friend

You have plenty to talk about, but none of your friends are at their computers!

You feel a sense of foreboding about this.