GoldStruck is a project in collaboration with cookiemonger.

> browse for titillating imagery

That’s an activity you feel should reserve for a more private moment.

> check to see if friends are online

You open up CHATTERVINE, your instant messaging program of choice. None of your friends seem to be online at the moment. You set your status to “jelly” and leave the software running in case one of them becomes available.

> check download status

You open up BITTURRET, your software distribution program of choice. A CERTAIN GAME is 17% complete at this time, and at your current download rate, should be finished in about twelve hours.

You are really looking forward to this game. While it is a sequel and everything you’ve heard about the original suggests it wasn’t very good, there is a lot of positive hype. The developer is an indy studio you’ve never heard of, supported by publisher PUMP.

You had already pre-ordered the game via their digital distribution client AETHER when you heard about the leaked game. You scarcely followed the ENSUING MEDIA KERFUFFLE, but you figure you already paid for the game so you see no reason not to take advantage of a sneak peak.

> wait for download to finish

You’re already doing that. Why don’t you find something to do while you wait?

> check to see if friends are online

None of your friends have become available since you last checked.

> check download status

Cool your jets.

> play a game

You have an ECLECTIC ARRAY of games to choose from, and you consider yourself a GAMING CONNOISSEUR. What I’m trying to say is you never just “play a game.”

What game would you like to play?