GoldStruck is a project in collaboration with cookiemonger.

> climb through window

You squeeze through the open, unobstructed window, are immediately beset by the oppressive qualities of the SEASONAL HEAT. You can almost see wavy lines in the air indicating how really UNCOMFORTABLY WARM it is outside.

This is all the reason you need to put off your chores.

> quickly retrieve shovel from shed

You don’t see a need to move quickly. And then you remember that your PARENTAL UNIT just returned home. You scurry to the SHED and try to open it, only to find it LOCKED. That’s stupid, no one ever LOCKS the SHED. Unless this is part of a STUPID TEST to see if you would do your chores.

If that is the case, the TEST has ended in HORRIBLE FAILURE.

You wrack your brain to think of where a KEY to the SHED might be, and why it would suddenly and inexplicably be LOCKED. What if someone really, really needed a shovel to batter the RESTLESS DEAD? It just seems so ridiculously impractical.

Also, the SEASONAL HEAT is making it hard to think.

> examine shed

The shed has four sturdy walls, a sturdy roof, and a LOCKED DOOR. You were probably thinking there might be an alternate entrance to the SHED, maybe some way to circumvent this puzzle in a humiliatingly straightforward manner, weren’t you?

Tough luck.

> haha

You don’t find anything particularly funny about your current situation.

> climb through window

You aren’t sure what that would accomplish, except perhaps to drag out an unnecessarily elaborate and circuitous joke.

> examine lock

This is a large, heavy-looking lock, and appears to have been added quite recently.

There is a KEY in the LOCK.

> unlock lock

You do that.

> retrieve shovel from shed

That wasn’t very hard, now was it?

> haha

You laugh at the little ironies you find in daily life.