GoldStruck is a project in collaboration with cookiemonger.

While you are fumbling for something to do, you hear the sound of a car pulling into the driveway, heralding the arrival of a PARENTAL UNIT. Your mind is immediately awash with everything you were probably supposed to do before they returned.

You failed to check on the RESTLESS DEAD before your PARENTAL UNIT got home. The RESTLESS DEAD may have escaped from the confines of their CRAMPED AND UNCOMFORTABLE CRYPT, either by chewing through their LEASHES or digging under the CEMETERY GATE. You hate this chore above all others.

> check on undead

You will need a shovel. Also, there is no time to do your chore now without giving away the fact that you waited until the last minute.

Who can blame you for putting it off? It’s hot outside and the RESTLESS DEAD smell terrible. Besides, it’s grueling work and you get all sweaty.

Still, you’ll probably get a LECTURE from your PARENTAL UNIT.

> get shovel

The shovel is in the SHED in the backyard.

You can’t go out the back door without getting caught!

> climb through window

That sounds like a good plan, but your ELECTRIC FAN is in the way!

> move fan

Begrudgingly, you unplug the ELECTRIC FAN and move it away from the WINDOW. The cord isn’t long enough to leave it plugged in, and your bedroom is bound to get warmer without the fan circulating air.

> climb through window

There is a screen in the window to keep out SEASONAL PESTS. You didn’t think this was going to be easy, did you?

> remove screen

You try with all your might, but the screen on your computer monitor seems fixed in place. So much for reaching your friend LANEY. She’s on her own, for now.

> haha

You think of something funny, and laugh to yourself.

> remove windows screen

Your computer isn’t running that particular operating system.

> remove window screen

You steel yourself for the onslaught of SEASONAL PESTS, and carefully remove the WINDOW SCREEN. Unfortunately, the SCREEN proves to be more difficult to remove than you thought, and it becomes DAMAGED.

You place the DAMAGED WINDOW SCREEN on the floor beneath the WINDOW.


No need to shout. Try asking again nicely.