GoldStruck is a project in collaboration with cookiemonger.

> play the game

You’re already doing that. You’re playing the game right now.

What would you like to do?

> haha

You think of something funny, and laugh to yourself.

What’s so funny? Sometimes you just think funny things.

> play hollow 2

It’s time to get this game started. You launch the program, and watch a diagnostic box scroll through some information that makes no sense to you. You think you recognize some words from reading the documentation, but only long enough to realize you have no idea what’s actually happening on the screen.

The diagnostic hangs for a moment on the string, “Reticulating Splines.”

You ask yourself what on earth a spline is, and why anyone would want a reticulation of them. You’re pretty sure there isn’t a verb form of “reticulation” but you’ve been wrong before, and stranger words exist. You were going to rewrite their game documentation after all, and you can’t be expected to fix everything.


You have finished launching the SERVER APPLICATION for Hollow 2, and you send LANEY the information needed to connect to you using the CLIENT APPLICATION. This stuff is pretty complicated, and you hope the official release is more user-friendly. It’s a good thing you and all of your friends are such nerds.


Your screen changes as LANEY connects. You are treated to another short loading screen and then you see an isometric view of a ranch house somewhere you don’t recognize. You have no idea what this is supposed to be, but it reminds you of a particular IMPORT FARMING GAME you and your friends all loved.

> examine user interface

You familiarize yourself with the game’s user interface. It is reminiscent of REAL-TIME STRATEGY GAMES, but also appears not to be fully implemented at this point. Several buttons indicate TERRAIN TOOLS and what appears to be a BUILD MENU.

You notice a part of the UI that appears to relate RESOURCES, though it is unclear what the icons are supposed to represent. The icons resemble Platonic solids, and remind you of GAMING IMPLEMENTS or perhaps DELICIOUS FRUIT CANDY.

> mess around with stuff

There’s only one way to learn, isn’t there?