GoldStruck is a project in collaboration with cookiemonger.

Continued from THIS POST.

> check zone status

You see that LANEY has made short work of the DIGGING ZONE you provided for her. There are now piles of SPOILS for her to collect. It seems that as she collects SPOILS, the VARIOUS UNKNOWN RESOURCES also increase, but there doesn’t seem a direct correlation between the SPOILS she collects and the RESOURCES that increase.

This will require additional observation and experimentation, but you are more than up to the task. If only there were workers apart from your friend with whom you could test a few of your hypotheses. TIME is one way to pay the PRICE OF PROGRESS.

LANEY has nearly fulfilled the WORK ORDER. There is now more space UNDERGROUND to fill with objects and buildings.

What do you want to do now?

> build something

You scan the list of available buildings and select one you’ve had your eye on for a while. It appears to be a MASSIVE TANGLE OF PIPEWORK complete with a BRIGHT RED VALVE. You think this object may be necessary for providing one of the VARIOUS UNKNOWN RESOURCES. You SPECULATE that it provides water or steam.

You really have no idea what it provides, only that certain other buildings seem to require its placement before they can be built. Having more options is fun!

You place the MASSIVE TANGLE OF PIPEWORK within LANEY’s line of sight, near the MINE ENTRANCE. As soon as you do, a HELPFUL POP-UP you didn’t notice before indicates that you can now construct additional PIPEWORK.

You wish more of these HELPFUL POP-UPS had been coded into the game.

> speculate about the game

You really enjoy SPECULATION.

You wonder about the placement of new buildings, and the COSTS THEREOF. For instance, the MINE ENTRANCE cost you SPACE, but not WORK. You wonder if this is intended as a convenience to enable faster play, an oversight on the part of the developers, or if perhaps it cost some other RESOURCE of which you are unaware.

You decide that you should pay SPECIAL ATTENTION to any action on your part and any corresponding RESOURCE COST. There are a lot of UNKNOWN RESOURCES.

> make a zone

You want to see what the MASSIVE TANGLE OF PIPEWORK does when LANEY interacts with it, so you figure you should wait before creating any new ZONES.