GoldStruck is a project in collaboration with cookiemonger.

You have redecorated a little. Added your touch.

You notice a YOUNG WOMAN climb up a tree, punch her way through a poster, and hop into the room.

Your KEEN EYE picks up that LANEY has come back online.

> update laney

You proceed to have THIS CONVERSATION with your friend.


graphicalExorcist began scandalising originalSynthesist

OS: So, I haven’t figured out much else.
OS: Just this weird zoning thing.
OS: Instead of ordering workers around to dig, you set orders for them, and whoever happens along fills them.
OS: For some reason, there don’t seem to be any workers to do this digging.
OS: Lame.
GE: hold the game phone
GE: cuz cuz i have a
GE: okay its not a emergency but its weird
OS: What kind of emergency?
GE: something happened to my room
OS: Your sister? Or the eldritch abominations?
GE: i dunno maybe neither
GE: my lps are in alphabetical order
GE: who even does that?
OS: Something ELSE is lurking in your house?
GE: its a big house
GE: mebbe its the bugaboo
OS: Something with an organization obsession?
OS: May not be so bad. Lol.
GE: shut up its scary
OS: Organization truly is the work of evil.
OS: I suffer from organization obsessions myself.
OS: You should know.
GE: yeah ur a neat freak
OS: Like this mini game.
OS: Huh.
OS: What did you say was organized?
GE: what
GE: my lps
GE: my wicked music collection
OS: Just that this minigame I just played had me organizing this music collection.
OS: I mean. Not like a real minigame.
OS: There wasn’t an achievement or anything.
GE: thats so dumb
GE: why is that in a hollow game?
OS: I have a weird question.
OS: Is there a tree outside your window?
GE: um yes why?
OS: Like, did you climb up the tree to get in your room?
GE: no way that would be so lame
GE: who would even do that?
OS: Oh, never mind then.
OS: It’s just this thing.
GE: what thing?
OS: Like, I got the scandalbump from you at the same time this one character sat down at the computer.
OS: She climbed up a tree.
OS: From downstairs in the house.
GE: wtf
GE: what does the house look like?
OS: Eh. Like a weird country house.
OS: Kind of rundown. Full of birds. Roosters. You’d hate it.
GE: roosters?
GE: are there holes in the walls?
OS: That’s what I meant by rundown.
GE: …
OS: You don’t think…
GE: hang on im gonna do a thing
OS: There is something weird going on.
OS: Wait what thing.
GE: did ur character thing just jump on the bed for no reason like an idiot?
OS: Lol yeah. Why?
GE: nick i think that idiot is me
OS: Oh jeez.
OS: So wait. Does that mean you did climb up the tree into your room?