GoldStruck is a project in collaboration with cookiemonger.

> install the game

“The game?” This is not just any game, no sir. This is the game you have been anticipating for as long as you can reasonably hearken. And hearken you do, for there isn’t much else to do while the game installs, except perhaps scandalize Laney while you wait. But you’ve already set about transferring the game files to her.

Your eyes slowly cross while staring at meaningless installation meters when an odd thought pops into your mind. You don’t know much about the software development process, but you’re pretty sure the installer isn’t something that comes along until fairly late. This suggests the game is closer to complete than you realized.

Your friend FINN may have actually scored a BETA VERSION.

But this is mere SPECULATION on your part. You do enjoy SPECULATION.

Do you wish to review the documentation that came with the files?

> review documentation

Really? No one ever does that, you surprise yourself with your own dedication. Then again, you are EASILY DISTRACTED and it would be better if you didn’t get up from your computer in case LANEY suddenly scandalized you about something unexpected.

You quickly discern the text is SHODDILY WRITTEN and CLEARLY INCOMPLETE. Honestly, you could have thrown together something better and you haven’t even played the game yet. You grab a NOTEBOOK and WRITING IMPLEMENT to jot some notes. There are some interesting command prompts you will want on hand.

> rewrite documentation

No! You couldn’t! It would be wrong! You haven’t even played the game. But you wouldn’t really be you otherwise. You’ll just make a few organizational changes for legibility. Running it through a spell checker couldn’t hurt either.

Funny, the spell checker has hit upon a lot of strange jargon you don’t recognize. You make note of a few things and tell the spell checker to IGNORE them for now. You wish you could do the same thing, but then you are an OBSESSIVE ORGANIZER.

You have created a TEXT DOCUMENT. It is saved as “hollow2_notes.txt.”

You’ve only just finished formatting your document, and the installation is complete. Now you are forced to choose between playing the game with your friend, or continuing your scrutiny of the bewildering documentation. You honestly don’t know how you get through the day.

What will you do next?