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> chat with laney

You proceed to have THAT CONVERSATION with your friend LANEY.

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> chat with your other friend

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digitalBlacksmith started scandalising originalSynthesist

DB: dude. just accept the effing file already.
DB: you wobbly old woman.
OS: Whoa. How did you even do that.
DB: i am just that awesome.
DB: you may thank me.
OS: You already have Hollow 2? There’s only a couple seeders. You are so on top of things.
DB: what?
DB: expletives man. i’m the one who started this turret firing.
DB: thought you could’ve figured that out, encyclopaedia brown.
DB: i saw you in the leech pond list, figured i’d do you a solid and make a direct connection.
OS: I am not the Great Detective.
OS: Wait.
OS: What.
DB: click the green button.
DB: say thanks O great one.
DB: simple walkthrough for ya.
OS: What do you mean you started.
OS: *cautiously accepts*
DB: oh yeah i forget how many usernames i’ve been racking up.
DB: the op on ultimaturret, your personal fave of turret listing sites
DB: it was me.
OS: This is the game. How did you. What.
DB: some people pay impatience tax to play games asap.
DB: i say why wait for the tax to levy?
DB: or whatever. i don’t know how taxes even work.
OS: I’m pretty sure they are a surcharge for voting privileges.
OS: Or some obnoxious thing like that.
DB: probably.
DB: anyway, now you got the game. do you know anything about it?
OS: It is still transfering but I will have it soon.
OS: Are you asking me because you don’t know?
OS: OMG I am freaking out.
DB: hehe glad to put a smile on your sour face.
DB: and you know i don’t bother with that stuff.
DB: i acquire the stuff, i don’t gotta sample it.
OS: It is just the thing that is the greatest thing.
OS: Oh I see.
OS: You are the pusher not the buyer.
OS: The provider not the consumer.
OS: You’re like the guy with pokers in the fire.
OS: Connections.
OS: On the inside.
OS: Invisible. Like snakes.
OS: Connecting snakes.
DB: wipe the foam off, dude.
DB: i feel the love already.
DB: so are you gonna tell me why you’re squealing with joy or not?
OS: Honestly? It is shrouded in mystery. It’s like a reboot in a sequel. The original had you digging holes and stuff in the ground.
OS: I think there is an epic plot in this one.
OS: Save the princess, save the world.
OS: That kind of thing.
DB: epic plot. like the homer conspiracy?
DB: cuz that game suuuuucked.
OS: You can ask me.
OS: Or we can play.
OS: You, me, Laney.
OS: Because guess who has finished the transfer.
OS: I’m so excited I am tripping over my keys.
DB: rain check.
DB: i’ve gotta feed effing libertina.
OS: Oh noes!
DB: yeah it’s that time of day. and my uncle won’t do it anymore.
DB: ya know. since he almost lost his hand.
OS: Well, maybe I will have finished installing by the time you are back.
OS: I would not want to leave you in the lurch.
DB: i thought you were gonna play with laney. you don’t need me.
OS: But. The lurch.
OS: You are the purveyor of ill-gotten gains.
OS: The greatest pirate.
DB: while that is true
DB: just update your waddle stream. every time i hear a penguin honk, i’ll think of you.
DB: don’t start gettin ideas. it’s just. you’re not libertina.
OS: You know I have no patience for penguin shenanigans. But your proposal is fair.
DB: hey, just because you can’t find an app for it you can actually use…
DB: besides doesn’t matter you’re on your computer today. no app shenanigans.
DB: although i’ve gotta say, i love the tales of your evil phone trying to dominate your mind.
DB: i’m crackin up here
DB: crap, i really gotta go. effing libertina.
DB: have fun, dude.
OS: Good luck. See you in the stream. Against my better judgement.
DB: it’s coming for you!
DB: lol bye