GoldStruck is a project in collaboration with cookiemonger.

> examine room

You spend a lot of time in this room and it is REASONABLY UNTIDY.

An ELECTRIC FAN is by an OPEN WINDOW, circulating air around the room. The fan is on its LOWEST SETTING, which produces a BEARABLE HUMMING NOISE. You also hear a MILDLY IRRITATING RUSTLING of LOOSE PAPERS.

Distributed seemingly at random throughout the room are various MANUALS OF ROLEPLAYING, NOTEBOOKS, WRITING IMPLEMENTS, and also DIRTY DISHES AND LAUNDRY. The walls are CONSPICUOUSLY BARE of anything related to your MANY AND VARIED INTERESTS. You don’t like to be too obvious.

There is a RIDICULOUSLY COMFORTABLE COUCH under the window. On your desk is a PRETTY AVERAGE GAMING COMPUTER. There is a MATTRESS on the floor, which you use in lieu of PROPER SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS.

There is also a DRESSER with a STACK OF CLEAN CLOTHING on top. There are several sets of SHELVES around the room holding items of PARAPHERNALIA related to your MANY AND VARIED INTERESTS.

> turn fan to highest setting

You adjust the setting on the ELECTRIC FAN as high as high as it will go. You briefly enjoy a blast of cool air in your face before it is ruined by your LOOSE PAPERS getting blown around the room. The sound of the ELECTRIC FAN is now UNACCEPTABLY LOUD, and you quickly dial it down.

Turning up the ELECTRIC FAN did not make an appreciable difference to the COMFORT LEVEL of the room, nor did it do much in the LONG TERM to improve your NEGATIVE MOOD RATING.

Your room is now a mess of LOOSE PAPERS, which is an EYESORE. Paradoxically, you seem to be a LAZY SLOB and also an OBSESSIVE ORGANIZER.

> sit on ridiculously comfortable couch

The comfort it provides is truly ridiculous. You like to take SHORT NAPS on this COUCH and occasionally REST OF EXTENDED DURATION. Its ridiculous comfort provides a POSITIVE MOOD RATING for individuals (and couples!) who make use of it, but its use comes with an UNUSUAL SIDE EFFECT.

The COUCH will STEAL TIME from individuals who use it. Mysteriously, you alone seem able to IGNORE this effect. But you usually don’t bother.

Your room is an EYESORE and you should really do something about it.

> examine eyesore