GoldStruck is a project in collaboration with cookiemonger.

> write email to friend

Your room is still an EYESORE which you should really do something about. Conducting a LENGTHY EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE should help DISTRACT you from your current NEGATIVE MOOD RATING long enough for your COMFORT RATING to regenerate. If it actually does that sort of thing.

What kind of email would you like to send?

> write about interests

You are using your COMPUTER right now, so you will use your computer to write about your MANY AND VARIED INTERESTS. You spend a good deal of time ignoring your EYESORE of a room, and write a lot about STUFF YOU CARE ABOUT. Of course, given the undisciplined nature of your writing, you are probably the only one who can enjoy this sort of thing.

You have created a TEXT DOCUMENT. It is saved as “just_some_stuff.txt.”

> write email about interests

You have already written about your INTERESTS recently, and your WEAK SELF-DISCIPLINE is interfering with your ability to write more on the subject.

Because you are EASILY DISTRACTED, the NOISE LEVEL of the room has randomly been upgraded to SOMEWHAT IRRITATING, and you will be unable to use your COMPUTER again until you do something about it.

You set down the WELL-LOVED KEYBOARD after setting your CHATTERVINE status to “wine.”

> pick up loose papers

While your NEGATIVE MOOD RATING normally wouldn’t allow this, you are EASILY DISTRACTED and your PRIORITIES have been rearranged.

You spend several minutes picking up all the LOOSE PAPERS and create an UNSORTED STACK OF PAPERS. Your room is no longer an EYESORE and is now REASONABLY UNTIDY. You could probably do just about anything you wanted to do.

Oh, now it looks like one of your friends is available on CHATTERVINE.