GoldStruck is a project in collaboration with cookiemonger.

> talk to laney about game

You proceed to have THIS CONVERSATION with your friend LANEY.

Your friend seems as confused about this game as you are. There isn’t much for it apart from exploring the game world and playing with the tools in the interface. Maybe there are new options available now that you’ve opened the UNDERGROUND.

What do you want to do next?

> examine underground

Your view of the UNDERGROUND is even more limited than the SURFACE.

When you placed the MINE ENTRANCE, it also excavated the area immediately beneath the SURFACE. There are a number of objects littering the ground which you can mouse-over, but not interact with in any way currently available to you. DIGGING TOOLS, HAULING TOOLS, LIGHT SOURCES, and VARIOUS TYPES OF ROCK.

> build something

There are a number of objects and buildings that appear available for construction now that you’ve opened the UNDERGROUND. After you try to place several of them, you realize more of the UNDERGROUND will have to be excavated before anything else can be built. One of the other tools seems to be working.

The ZONING TOOL allows you to select parts of the map and queue up a list of actions. You scroll through a small list of options, then highlight an area of the UNDERGROUND adjacent to the MINE ENTRANCE and designate “FOR DIGGING.”

If your SPECULATION proves to be accurate, then some sort of worker will arrive, pick up the DIGGING TOOLS, and begin excavating the ZONED AREA.


Any time now.

> update game notes

You jot down notes about the game so far, modifying the existing TEXT DOCUMENT, “hollow2_notes.txt.” You add in some of your more recent SPECULATION about the nature of buildings and zoning. You still don’t understand any of the resource icons. Or unit stats. Or the point of the game, really. But you can SPECULATE.

You save the updated TEXT DOCUMENT.

What do you want to do now?

> redecorate ranch house

Okay. You do that.