GoldStruck is a project in collaboration with cookiemonger.

A young man stands in his bedroom. He bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the authors of this story, but is simplified for narrative convenience. The young man appears warm and uncomfortable. It is summer and seasonably hot. A window is open and an electric fan is circulating air.

> be the obvious self insert

Before you can be the OBVIOUS SELF INSERT, you must give him a name. He has only one, but it is his name nonetheless.

> enter name

The young man is now called NICK.

> be nick

Your name is NICK. You are in your BEDROOM. It was mentioned before that it is SUMMER and SEASONABLY HOT. You prefer colder climes, and you are therefore UNCOMFORTABLY WARM. You are a CREATURE OF COMFORT and consequently, being uncomfortable gives you a NEGATIVE MOOD RATING.

> cheer up

You don’t feel like doing that.