GoldStruck is a project in collaboration with cookiemonger.

> what are my interests

That sounds like a question, but who are you asking?

> myself

What about you?

> ask myself about my interests

You talk to yourself for a while, and you appear COMFORTABLE while doing so. You also appear to be of the QUESTIONING SORT and RATHER SELF-AWARE.

You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a passion for WORLDBUILDING and you own many MANUALS OF ROLEPLAYING that you use for inspiration. You have NATURAL TALENT FOR WRITING but you have WEAK SELF-DISCIPLINE and are both DIFFICULT TO MOTIVATE and EASILY DISTRACTED. You play lots of GAMES to DISTRACT yourself from your near-constant NEGATIVE MOOD RATING.

You have many other INTERESTS, but you have already lost interest in listing them to yourself. It’s more fun to talk to other people about your INTERESTS anyway.

Maybe one of your friends is online? That’s right, you have friends.

> turn on computer

Your computer is already on because you are using it to download A CERTAIN GAME that was recently leaked on the INTERNET. Which is totally okay because shut up.

> use computer

Someone else might have to sit at their desk to use their computer, but not you! You have a WELL-LOVED WIRELESS KEYBOARD.

Boy howdy do you love the INTERNET. It’s even one of your INTERESTS. The INTERNET is an INTEREST that helps you keep track of your MANY AND VARIED INTERESTS. And also to keep track of your FRIENDS without leaving home.

What would you like to use your computer to do?