Last night I tried out this pretty basic idea of equipping monsters with a lone encounter power (well, one per creature), that was sort of Power Strike. Actually, I guess it was a little underpowered, since I chose whether or not I was going to use it before rolling to see if I hit. Power Strike you figure out afterward, huh?

Yeah no, okay, I was doing it wrong. *facepalm* No, if I’d been serious about it, I should have waited to drop the extra die of damage to see if I even hit with the attack. I guess I didn’t learn as much as I thought I did. Well, I learned what didn’t quite, but almost worked! I think four encounter powers between eight enemies kind of worked.

*sigh* The point of the exercise, which I now look back on with a mixture of irritation and mild self-loathing, was to see if creatures would benefit from an encounter power to help the balance of power – to simultaneously make the encounter a little better-balanced, but also give the creatures an extra “oomph.”

Of course the problem, as with many a scientific experiment, was that I had too many variables and the evidence got contaminated by misconduct on the observer’s part.

See, if I’d really wanted to experiment with extra damage, I should have tried it with some creatures that weren’t outnumbering and overpowering the characters to begin with – I ran one encounter with seven creatures of a higher level than the characters, and then I ran another with four elite creatures. I don’t think it works.

So that’s a botched experiment. At least I know what to work on for next time.