Since I ran out of stocked episodes for The Dithering Idium, I’ve been trying to work out whatever I think I need to build a dwarf warden using Dee Point Five. Which could alternatively be referred to as, “My d20 Alternative.” It’s supposed to be a halfway point between my d20 house rules and the fully-fledged Norvendae system.

This is a preliminary version of a Dee Point Five Warden, which includes three primary class features: Font of Life, Guardian Form, and Primal Might.

Font of Life
Guard removes additional damage equal to your Constitution modifier.

Guardian Form
You gain the Alter Form power if you don’t already have it. Once per encounter when you use Alter Form, you may assume Guardian Form. This form’s type changes from Basic to Primeval, and you are immune to the Harried condition while in this form.

Alter Form [Basic, Advance]
Sudden action
Range personal
Effect You assume a form that alters your abilities. The form is an ongoing effect that remains until the end of the encounter, you assume a different form, or you revert your form as a Free action.

Primal Might
You get a +2 bonus to health at scale 1, and you get an additional +2 bonus to health each time you advance in scale for a total of +60 at scale 30.

While in Guardian Form, you get a +3 bonus to damage with offenses made with an axe or maul. This bonus increases by one-half your scale, rounded down for a total of +18 at scale 30.

In addition, while you are not wearing a heavy device, you may add your Strength modifier to defense instead of your Dexterity modifier.

Apart from the Warden and some reorganizing powers and such, I haven’t made a whole lot of progress on Dee Point Five. The idea is to move material between various game systems and DPF until I have some sort of equivalency, then move the majority of the work from DPF into Norvendae proper. It’s an ongoing process. *shrug*

What I figured, while working on the Warden, was that its biggest deal was the Guardian Form power – that daily thing it does. Sure, it gives you some options in the encounter-power category, but that’s to tide you over between uses of Guardian Form. Like how a Barbarian just wants to Rage. Seriously, why do we withhold this stuff?

I tweaked the various basic powers to reflect more of this stuff.