This morning I transferred the text from my archived Rumors of War scripts to Evernote. Now I can work on them wherever I have Internet access and Evernote installed. Hypothetically, of course. I don’t know if this will effect the rate at which I review and summarize the chapters, but it should help.

While I was moving text around, I discovered a whole bunch of notes I left myself about character direction and plot development. It caught my interest mainly ’cause I don’t really make notes like that anymore. Most of it isn’t particularly useful at this stage, because I went a different route in more ways than one.

As previously mentioned, I will be making a significant change to the color palette of Rumors of War, or maybe I hadn’t mentioned that yet. I’m mentioning it now. I will probably finish out Chapters 34 through 36 with the current sprites while I work on the new art behind the scenes. So much to do, so much to do…

On a different note, I found out that one of the games I enjoyed in my childhood, which I had thought was left unfinished, turned out to have had a full three parts, completing the story arc. I must now hunt down a full copy of Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure and immerse myself in childhood nostalgia. It will happen. It must.

Finally, I got word back from Project Wonderful that my site has been approved. *fanfare* I can now sell ad space with them and maybe generate some money to pay for the site. It would be nice if Norvendae paid for itself, really it would.

In the meantime, I will continue to look at potential money-making schemes so that I can stop paying for Norvendae’s hosting out of pocket. I’ve been doing it for two and a half years now, I think it’s about time it started pulling its own weight.

Just saying.