I posted the basic combat powers yesterday, and the next reasonable step is to figure out how they interact with the Player Powers for the card game. This has been quite a while in the coming, to be honest. There will need to be more revisions as I figure out where the powers meet and overlap, but there should be some interesting results.

I realized yesterday the Status Effects are pretty horribly out of date and I’ll need to revise them to fit in line with the new basic combat powers. Originally, I used those status effects to DETERMINE the combat powers, so it should come as no surprise that they will feed on each other as development continues.

For starters, when I started with the Status Effects, I still had it in mind that I wanted temporary health and that attacks could hit or miss. Now hitting and missing are the tiniest of blips on the radar of combat, and temporary health has been written out entirely in favor of just recovering health more easily.

There are a few Status Effects that are just as potent as they always were, but a couple are more powerful. When you consider that Block doesn’t do much at present, it could be argued that Dazed doesn’t do much, while Stunned a character has been denied 75% or more of their combat options. Kind of a big deal.

Dice rolls will still feature, and the binary hit-miss concept will probably play a role, but the Weakness status will more than likely change to something a tad more drastic. Other powers will feature more prominently, such as Engage, Guard, Cheer, and so forth. The Status Effects inform the Combat Powers and vice versa.

Look for these updates, and more… as I get to them. There’s a lot to do.