I keep going back and forth on how attacking works with hitting and missing. The problem I’m struggling with is that in combat – the only way to advance the fight is to deal damage. Now, I can see not dealing damage in some cases where some kind of damage prevention somehow works out to advance combat…

Dealing damage usually proves the most effective method of damage prevention.

Fight Scene Example 3

He knows about Timed Hits.

Want to stop taking damage? Take out the attacker. The most direct method seems to be the most effective. And unless you can come up with a deterrent that is a bigger threat than the actual damage the enemy presents (so that harming him causes more damage than letting him remain), you’re stuck in the same pattern.

It makes sense to me to excise the probability factor involved in determining whether an attack hits or misses. The dice bog down gameplay. Honestly, the math bogs down gameplay too, and combat can take a really long time to resolve with effects and counting alone. It’s like watching everyone playing with an abacus.

I dropped the defense bonus from the Guard power because I don’t want to compare attack and defense numbers anymore. I think instead, a straightforward, “the next attack that targets you misses,” is a pretty efficient alternative. It has a clear limitation on its effect, and its effect is unambiguous (even if the consequences are).

I think, in order to continue offering interesting alternatives to directly attacking a target (but without slowing down combat by doing something instead of attacking), I’m going to have to include additional indirect attacks – like how 4e defenders does damage with opportunity attacks, and the 4e leaders attacks through others.

Anyway, I’m thinking that some combination of Guard and the Combat Styles should enable a character to make a free attack when an attack misses them, in a manner similar to say, Assassin’s Creed. Without the inclusion of stuff like attack rolls, this might not be as complicated as it sounds, and with missed attacks still dealing the same amount of damage, it might not be as slow as it sounds either.

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