Normally before now, I’d have thought of something interesting that I at least wanted to write about but couldn’t find the time. Curiously, my mind has been pretty blank in addition to being swamped with stuff that requires my immediate attention, making this post especially vacuous. But sometimes writing leads to writing.

You may have noticed there are more pages on the site. I’ve made a bit of an effort to add to the “permanent” features of the site, such as pages for various ongoing stories or projects. GoldStruck has its own page, for example, and is right up there by Rumors of War, which still needs more love. And nearby is Scales of War (no relation).

You may have noticed over the weekend, I actually wrote some posts, in a nigh-unprecedented move of ACTUALLY WORKING ON THE WEEKEND. Technically, the precedent goes back to when I started blogging, but it’s been long enough that shouldn’t be precedent anymore, it’s HISTORY instead.

It’s been interesting monitoring the activity on the Project Wonderful ads. I probably spend more time staring at my website than you do, and I’ve noticed that most of the ads have been for the same thing. Of course, ad space on the site here is still dirt cheap, so it may simply be that their campaign only picks low-cost sites.

I dig it, I guess.

I have to wonder how effective it is to advertise on low-cost websites however. Generally speaking, websites where advertising doesn’t cost much are websites that aren’t viewed much. The less traffic a website gets, the less likely those ads are going to make much of a difference. Even in the ethereal space of “mind share.”

Really, the website owner is going to see those ads more than anyone else (as I suggested above) and it isn’t like I have the time or the money to spend clicking on their ads, or buying their product. Even if it doesn’t seem effective, paying through the nose for a shorter span in a more expensive ad space seems preferable.

But I digress. I think I was talking about nothing. Let’s get back to that. *snerk*