I read more Homestuck this weekend, I’m nearly caught up at this point. I have less than three hundred updates to read, which is encouraging. It makes the idea of rereading the comic easier to digest. Now there’s an interesting (if loaded) thought that’s come to mind recently. Rereading stuff. Jeez. What a topic.

Call it a bad habit, but I tend not to spend time with anything that I can’t do more than once. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I tend to be so selective in activities I choose to partake in – if I don’t see some kind of perpetuity in the activity, I don’t bother.

Except that isn’t fair. There are lots of one-off activities I participate in, and generally speaking they’re activities that I feel have some kind of greater impact. Like, I don’t know, improving a relationship or something. Oh, but I suppose I am a CREATURE OF COMFORT, and there’s the instant gratification thing working against me.

Maybe I have a very selective “delay gratification” process. There are some things I know can go on for practically forever with only the barest trace of eventual payoff, because the process itself is rewarding enough as it stands. You know, like ORGANIZING THINGS. Always tons of fun if you ask me.

Seriously, I could sit and sort LEGOs for a couple hours. For fun.

And I have done, to the bewilderment of several people I know very well. It’s just one of those things, I guess. There’s a promise of finishing them some day, but seriously. What’s the point of LEGOs if you don’t build with them? They’ll all get mixed up again, and you’ll just have to go back to organizing them. No, I don’t see a problem there.

I guess that’s why I had little to no problem (apart from procrastination) categorizing every non-comic post to make the drop-down Archive Navigation Box easier to, uh… navigate. Procrastination still gets me though, I need time to myself to enjoy being comfortable. That gets old too, but not as quickly. Oh no, not nearly so much.