Website update: I’ve added a page to the top bar where you can quickly find all the episodes of Scales of War. I’ve listed the game sessions in descending order, with the individual episodes in ascending order for sanity’s sake.

Ah, the conclusion of the ogre fight. There’s at least one critical hit I wasn’t expecting here, which led to my eventual success. You can see how I was starting to drag at the end of this session. The battle went on far longer than I expected, and most of it went very poorly for me. I won’t spoil any more of it for you. *wink*

(BTW, that is my “explosion face”)

I spend a good chunk of the beginning of this video recapping the events leading up to the moment where it begins, partly because I expected to go down in a blaze of suck. The results were, as previously suggested, unexpected, and you can tell how surprised I am, despite how tired I am.

Rest assured, Scales of War will continue next week.

I don’t remember if I mentioned that a friend of mine hooked me up with a copy of Keep on the Shadowfell. I’ve had this idea that if Scales of War were popular at all, I might run another adventure parallel to it, using another module. I’m not going to for the moment, I want to make SoW updates on time.

Oh, I should note that despite the similarity in name, Scales of War is in no way related to Rumors of War. I’m pretty much the only thing the two have in common.