I’ve been trying to figure out the correlation between objects and clues in Treasure Mountain! as part of a process to analyze and “solve” the game. I didn’t find any in-depth guides to the game, so I’m pretty much running on information I can derive from the game. I hit a bit of snag in my observation this morning.

Since I don’t have easy access to the game (or I’d probably be farther along in my analysis) I’ve been reviewing information from Let’s Plays and video walkthroughs. It took me a while to get a count of the objects on the first level of the mountain (19), and now I think the objects may change from one iteration to the next.

The video I watched this morning contained the following objects:

Clubhouse (3) >
four small triangle mushrooms
one rectangle bush/tree
three triangle (probably) trees

Cave (8) >
two triangle (probably) trees
five small triangle mushrooms
two small triangle flags
two small rectangle signs
one rectangle (probably) tree
one round (probably) tree
one small rectangle bush
two small round signs

“The Gap” (2) >
two rectangle signs
three small triangle mushrooms

“Net Cave” (3) >
one small (“smallest?”) rectangle bush
two small triangle flowers
one big (“largest?”) round tree

“Locked Tree” (3) >
two small round mushrooms
three rectangle (probably) bushes
two small triangle mushrooms

The searchable objects are organized according to easily recognizable landmarks starting if you walk to the right side of the screen from the Clubhouse. I’ve given each object the modifiers that seemed most appropriate, but I’m still not sure how they’re determined. And sometimes a bush is inexplicable a tree. *shrug*

I’m pretty sure the signs aren’t always there, and sometimes they change it up. The video I saw didn’t have the “no smoking sign,” for instance. I’m pretty sure the bitty rectangular flags show up on the first level of the mountain, so I’m at a loss for how the clues and objects are determined. This will require more data-gathering.