Well, it’s taken the better part of three months, but everything is back in one place again. You can now find the comic, blog, videos, and any related (or unrelated) stories at RumorsOfWarComic.com. *sigh* It’s been exhausting maintaining things in two separate places, and I’m not sure if the wear has necessarily shown. But it’s there.

There’s still some stuff to finalize, but hopefully we’ll be able to move forward without the same sort of problems we were having with the previous webhost. If you haven’t updated your bookmarks, I think it might be too late by now. I probably should have given more notice, but I didn’t know when things were actually going to happen.

Looking back now, it’s been, well, exhausting. There was no way I was going to simply abandon one blog for the other while both were active, and having my attention split was incredibly draining. I’m not sure how quickly I’ll recover my regular posting rate.

I have some other projects – pieces of things I’ve worked on in the past – scattered around the Internet, and I think now that I’ll try to consolidate them here. I’ve been going back and forth as to whether I’ll close my Deviant Art account or not, and I’m pretty sure at this stage, that I will. Too bad, I think I’ll miss it.

War of the Seven States of Magic is moving forward in fits and starts. Things are a bit messy, but I’ve largely sorted out the differences in the system between the card game, the board game, and any electronic versions of the game that I produce. It’s been hard to compartmentalize some aspects because they feel integral.

It’s so nice to think I don’t have to cross-post this to another blog.