Combing stuff between this site and a few of my others, I’m wondering what I can do to spice things up. I have a couple websites dedicated to defunct roleplaying campaigns that would be fun to bring here. I also have the old Deep Sekh wiki that could be moved here – it isn’t getting traffic as it is, and the section needs filling out.

Deviant Art can wait for now, it isn’t like the account is going anywhere … or doing anything. I think I’ll work on consolidating a few of the wikis I had running in the past, trim down what’s actually needed, talk a little about the process. Everything will eventually make its way back here – even old fan fiction, I think. *snerk*

I’m not sure what the “statute of limitations” is on old projects, when they stop being relevant, but I know my creativity works in mildly-oblong, overlapping, coterminous, and yet somehow-simultaneously-concentric circles which means that someday I may actually come back around to them. Someday. Somehow.

Anyway, I figure I’ll start by combing the Deep Sekh wiki for anything helpful, useful, or interesting. Lots of stuff will find its way over here with a “history” tag or something to indicate its advanced age. No one knows much about it, but if I put it on the web here, then at least it can be found, and maybe even pick up some new fans. *wink*