Since plowing through a bunch of Homestuck, I’m pumped to get back to work on Rumors of War. It’s been a while, uh, a couple months looking back now, since I did any work on the comic itself. I thought maybe it was time to write an actual recap-slash-review of the events of the comic.

I think I have enough narrative (and temporal) distance from the early arcs to make such an undertaking informative rather than merely self-aggrandizing.

Also, I have lots of ideas about how to “fix” some narrative mistakes I made without actually retconning anything. I hate retroactive continuity. But really, I have some ideas – and it’s going to necessitate a review of the published material. See what I did there? Two birds, one stone. That’s the idea behind this.

The review of the story so far will become a more-or-less permanent feature of the site, and will be one of those fancy little drop-down things up at the top of the website. You know, now that I actually have enough content to necessitate-slash-justify such a nuisance. I mean convenience. It’s a convenience for everyone! *snerk*

Anyway, this should prove a lead-up to an actual continuation to the comic. Probably. Hopefully. I’m going to try. We’ll see what happens. We make plans and stuff happens.