I’ve completed a summary for the second chapter, which will appear shortly in the main-summary thing. There were a couple of things that caught my attention while I was rereading this chapter, which I think I can use to my advantage with the, uh, re-setting of some events. Good thing I left some things unexplained. *sheepish*

I was also forced to look up some of my ancient notes to figure out the name of a couple towns. I originally ran some of the events of this story arc as a D&D adventure (twice, actually), but the characters in the comic are seeing yet another side of said adventure than the player(s) did. Plus I added some things. It’s a little confusing.

What follows is a summary of the events in Chapter 2.

Chapter Two
We open on Elysia traveling to a temple in the port-town of Imbros. We see a flashback from not-too long ago, wherein Nenshe and Elysia discuss the nature of the parchment and its meaning to Elysia. We also learn a little bit more about the nature of Nenshe’s task, and the relationship between the two characters.

After the flashback, Elysia arrives at the temple, which is inundated with pilgrims speaking a language Elysia doesn’t understand. She meets Penelo and Couric, young lovers seeking a marriage despite the wishes of Penelo’s father, Meteon. Elysia learns of the area and its history, but she is unable to grant their wish.

That evening, Elysia meets with the high priestess Animoe, whom she talks with at length about the town. There are rumors of a returned shade, connected to a local legend about a serial murderer who once terrorized the town. Animoe expresses regret over her inability to protect the town, and wishes to leave behind a legacy.