While reviewing Chapter 3 for summary, I happened across a typo fairly late in the chapter that has somehow evaded notice in the two years the comic has been online. It turns out the text from the fourth panel was carried over to the fifth panel. The sixth panel is just fine, but it’s awkward having that other text there twice. *sheepish*

You can still see it for now (page fifteen), but I’ve made a replacement page with the correct text to swap out when I have the chance. Aside from that, this chapter was more difficult to summarize than the previous two. Partly, I imagine, because there’s only Nenshe really doing anything (talking to himself, essentially).

Summarizing the contents of a chapter without passing judgment on the characters. Stating what should be apparent — Nenshe is cynical, deceitful, and manipulative — without saying whether or not any of these things make him a bad person is hard. Does he think poorly of people? Clearly. Does he lie to and mislead them? Yes.

And does all of this make him a bad person? See, that isn’t really for me to decide. That’s for the individual reader to decide. When you read about Nenshe’s thoughts and actions, does he strike you as a bad person? When does he cross the line? When he thinks poorly of others, or when he manipulates them?

Does his cause matter, or do his actions matter? Do the consequences of his actions matter? Does his employer share the responsibility? Are his targets (subjects, allies, victims, etc.) also to blame? Who is ultimately responsible for what happens? See, what happens falls in my domain. What it means is yours.

What follows is a summary of the events in Chapter 3.

Chapter Three
Nenshe is journaling at the beginning of the chapter. Through flashback, we meet Oernes, whom Nenshe interrogates about the town. We learn a bit more about the pilgrims (though the information may be somewhat unreliable), and more about the individuals Nenshe’s been tasked with recruiting.

We are introduced to Julian, Baraka, Koedes, Ruasar, Eirena, and Narisa through the eyes of Nenshe. He continues to journal throughout the day, updating us with his progress after tailing the individual members of the group and speculating on the task itself. Finally, Nenshe discusses what he plans to do to complete his mission.