Well, I’ve started writing the summaries for the chapters for Rumors of War. So far, I’ve finished the first, which should be appearing right about the same time this post goes live. (I’ve scheduled them!) I’m going to try and include not just an overall summary of the chapter, but also a bit of its ongoing relevance.

We’ll see how effective that turns out to be.

In a way, the summaries are there to enable something akin to a “previously on” for anyone who needs a refresher, but doesn’t necessarily want to reread all the pages. That might seem counter-intuitive, since my goal here should be to encourage people to read the chapters, but I’ve left out most of the detail. Enticing? I hope so!

What follows is the chapter summary:

Chapter One
We are immediately introduced to several recurring members of the comic storyline, and also quite a few who are not immediately recurring. We meet Nenshe, Elysia, and Obadai, whose progress we follow. We also meet Artuto, Esther, Alquis, and Mercer. Yet another character is referenced (Nicyes), but is not seen.

It’s established that several of the characters can (and do) read and write, that some of them are more or less patient than others, and that some of them are more or less scrupulous. Most of them are pretty sarcastic, and all of them have been recruited by an organization referred to as the Order of Orion.

We learn that Nenshe can fulfill his contract by completing a simple task in their next port of call, and Elysia quibbles with him over a bit of parchment that he “liberated” from a temple in a place called Aernes. She agrees to purchase it from him, despite protest from Mercer. The latter references a curse, and blames Nenshe.