This last week has been incredibly hectic. Also, while I was reading and reviewing the material in Chapter 4, I realized I had the name of the town wrong in my summary. Certain events didn’t work. There’s a reference to Aernes in the first Chapter, but Imbros is the next stop on their voyage. (Different stuff happens there.)

I’ve looked at a lot of my old notes, but for the life of me I can’t find the name of this midway village. It isn’t mentioned in this story arc, either. I’m pretty sure it isn’t referenced again at any point later in the comic because the follow-up story got cut in favor of moving the timeline forward. I guess that means I can rename it if I like.

Chapter 4
Penelo comes to Elysia, as Couric has gone missing. Elysia persuades Penelo to tell more about herself, her family, and Couric while they look for him. Penelo explains that she met Couric after her mother died, and that he stood up for her when the cult she had joined was exposed as fraudulent and its membership exiled.

The two venture to the outskirts of town in their search, and they meet the strange hermit Benito, whom they question about Couric. Benito tells them Couric came to him seeking a blessing of protection, that he was in trouble and on the run from some bad people. Elysia calls his bluff, and confesses to Penelo that she found Couric’s body.

Penelo reveals that she knew Couric was dead before the two began their search, and she was hoping to find more information about his killer. Elysia and Penelo compare notes and discuss possibilities. Penelo resolves to ask her father about enemies and Elysia leaves to consult Obadai about the situation.