I’m not really sure if I’ve put this in writing quite the way I’ve been thinking about it over the last, uh, well, let’s go with “long time.” My research into ancient Greek history and mythology has been for developing an expansive, ongoing setting. Growing up, I found that I was enamored with stories with strong evolving continuities.

That interest followed me into adulthood, where many of my favorite TV shows were ongoing television series with strong continuity (or not, in retrospect). One of my favorite parts of a weekly broadcast was “Previously, on…” and seeing how the events would shape the future of the characters, affecting them in new ways.

I, uh, also read a lot of Star Wars Expanded Universe novels.

The first time I became familiar with the term “shared universe” was with Magic: the Gathering novels. I have like, two of them that I like, from way back in the day. One of them ends on one of the most disappointing conclusions I’ve ever read, like the author just lost interest and wrote “To Be Continued,” after an immensely satisfying climax.

I also own a Diablo-verse novel, and one of the works that inspired me to write was a piece of Diablo fan fiction that just kept going without necessarily a direction or a reason. It was simply the ongoing adventures of a Failure Knight paladin, dedicated solely to the fight against evil. He was a very put-upon paladin, at that.

After a couple failed roleplaying campaigns, I decided that I would rather write Rumors of War as a novel (eventually a comic instead) than “save” the story for a D&D game, and that gave me more and more reasons to research ancient Greece and build upon the setting. Which just got to be a bigger and bigger project.

Much of my recent efforts have actually been to condense myths, confining them to a smaller and more well-defined area, to give myself room to expand later. It’s been fun, setting up the board and the pieces, so that I can begin to move them around and knock them down later. I have plans to eventually incorporate all of my research.

I think it goes without saying that my interpretation of Greek mythology will take a several different turns at a few bends in history.