Eh, since the kerfuffle of the last week began, I’ve been having a whale of a time keeping track of what I’ve written and what I’m working on – I feel like I’m flailing around in the dark. At some point, I think I mentioned that I’d found my old notes regarding the various lineages in Greece, and had been working on sorting them.

For some reason I thought they were from 2010. I looked again, they’re from 2008. The king-lists and lineages are something I’ve been trying to sort out for about four years. Not continuously of course, but the information is there, it’s I mean, I included the date in the file names. There’s no denying that they’re from 2008.

I feel so old.

Right, there’s no time for that now, I’m nearly finished. Yesterday I muscled my way through some kings of Mysia (or was that the day before?) which leaves me with everything between the second and third Trojan wars to work out, plus anything that might follow. The idea is that Troy was razed after the Third Trojan War, but still.

Then I’ll have to figure out which the other states are in that region. I have a few of them, barring some renaming and connections draw between them and states in other regions. Sometimes a name is enough, along with a location, but I need those at the very least. Heroes, myths, and kings are really just a perk.

Once I’ve made the final touches on this map, I’m setting them aside for a while. I’ve had enough of maps and the long view for a while. I know exactly where I need to pick up next time, since I left several regions sketched but otherwise untouched: Thessaly, the Argolid, and the Cyclades for starters. I have Central Greece and Euboea.

Oh, and I realized I made a mistake in my chapter summaries. I named the town in the first story arc as Imbros, and that’s totally wrong. I don’t think I ever actually named the town the characters visited, not in the comic anyway. I’ll have to look for some of my older notes to sort that out, because I can’t find them in my comic notes. *sheepish*