Sometimes I just really, really love research. Only yesterday I was reading about Daedalus and rediscovered the location of the titanomachy, and today I found a Greek word meaning “to place among the stars.” The word catasterism is derived from a work called the Catasterismi, which retells Greek myths about various constellations.

There are so many things I want to do with this now, like figure out how to ultimately work catasterism into the end of a hero’s journey, something about creating new constellations in their shapes and such. That’d be a cool way to top off an epic adventure: going beyond apotheosis and attaining constellation-hood.

Oh, but there are other things to do. I have a map of Phocis to finish, and some more reading out of a wonderful book I found online called “A History of Boeotia.” I’m sure there are plenty of other just-as-credible sources, but it’s the first book I found just about Boeotia. (Mythology, geography, and history combined!)

I think at the pace I’m going, I’ll wind up a mythographer. There’s always so much more to read, to comment on, and to eke out of this material. *squee*

On a similar but unrelated note, my work on Boeotia has taken a left turn to Phocis (also Locris, Doris, and Phthia, oh my!) so I can map out the area around Delphi, and work around toward Euboea in a clockwise fashion. The setting for Rumors of War will likely be relocated to somewhere in eastern Euboea, but I’m not sure exactly where.

Along the way, I also came up with a strategy to revise one of my crap short stories to fit in the new region. “To Catch A Goat” and the comic proper will both be relocated to the island, and some of the native myths worked into the background. Curiously, I’ve found comparatively few myths regarding Euboea and the Sporades.

That might make it ideal. We’ll see, I suppose.