On my lunch break, I did some reading about trees. I want to show trees that aren’t just your typical, rectangular-trunk, triangular-leaves ordeal, but I will probably through some of those in anyway. The trees I read about (and downloaded images of) were beeches, oaks, and olive trees. I just kind of picked the types on a whim.

Olive trees are pretty much essential. The Greeks were (and still are quite) famous for their cultivation of olives. I mean, olive oil is like, Greece in a bottle. The Greeks took their trees pretty seriously (just as they took their water, their stone, their pottery, and their extreme sports pretty seriously). Some of them even got their own origin myths.

I want to introduce as much variety of form as I can into the background of the game (and the comic) as I can without necessarily making things so complex. I also took some interesting proportions on the trees. Since I want them to be relative to the characters, some will be quite a bit taller and/or wider. Bigger than houses as well.

My research into architecture proved to be pretty interesting, and I have some ideas for how buildings and structures will work. I think I’m starting to understand greater divisions between dwellings, shrines, and temples. There’s some pretty meticulous design that went into places of worship. Pretty ridiculously meticulous work.

And all before the advent of calculators, no less.

I haven’t quite figured out organization for the different areas in the game. I have some ideas about dwellings and crossroads and such, and I want to minimize the amount of traveling busywork while leaving room for the explorers to float their respective boats. There’s a lot of research left to be done, and also drawing.

How much legwork is too much? How much content is needed to justify a locale? How much can I reasonably accomplish on my own? So many questions.