Ugh. It’s difficult to explain exactly what’s been going on with my research the last couple days. I mean, yeah, lots of stuff about human sacrifice and otherwise, but geography-wise, it’s been about reconciling the comic geography and the geography with the story “To Catch A Goat” (however incomplete it may be), with the plot.

And why is any of that important in the slightest.

Because I’m a perfectionist, that’s why. Most of it is negotiation with what I want and what I have the means to reasonably accomplish. Call it a self-imposed challenge – uh, ’cause that’s exactly what it is, I think. I do lots and lots of revision because I hate everything I write and nothing ever turns out the way I want. Unreasonable.

Most of the reason I’m rereading the comic and not redoing it completely is because that would be a humongous waste of time. I’d rather be creating new content than endlessly revising. That’s a compromise I’m willing to make. I also don’t want to waste the enormous amount of planning I did for the comic, that’s a compromise as well.

Really because it’s an awesome story I want to tell.

And it only keeps getting better as I work on it. And it has to agree somehow with what I’ve already written. These characters, let me tell you. It isn’t like they have a mind of their own, but they aren’t exactly doing what I intended, and I have to do right by them and what I want to do at the same time. *shakes head* It’s complicated.

There’s also the importance of creating content, moving forward and such. I mean, if I can’t continue work on the thing I want, I have to make something or I will fall into a horrible depression that is hard to recover from over and over again. That’s why I continue to blog while everything else falls apart around me. Pathetic, yeah.

Right, anyway. Video stuff.

Cookiemonger encouraged me to do something fun with my videos that was kind of vitriolic and stuff because I observed that I thought my early videos were boring. I wanted to be calm and rational, but even I’m getting tired of the sound of my own voice. I thought it would be more pleasant to listen to, but it lacks character.

Why isn’t it enough? *sigh*

Anyway, I’m going to do something I said I wouldn’t do because I need to look like I’m passionate about something and I just don’t *sound* very passionate about what I’m doing in my videos, do I? I’m a nerd and I guess I have to sound like I’m a nerd, and for that I need to talk about something I’m passionate about. And, get passionate.

And there’s always more stuff I should be talking about. So much to do…