As part of my ongoing process, I’m scribbling out doodles of a number of different objects. Really wishing I had my stylus so I could draw some of this stuff in a more intuitive manner. This old trackball I have was one of the first I received / bought for myself and it’s fidgety as all getup. You think drawing with a mouse is difficult?

I was wrong about the landscape stuff too. It seems like a long time, but then I remembered that I sketched out a whole bunch of really crude ones for a D&D adventure I ran over the Internet a couple years back. Those drawings were actually probably worse than the ones I just made. Progress yay? *shakes head*

I forget if I mentioned I found a cool website yesterday. It was the site of an Art History teacher who was selling like, lectures or something in MP3 form. It was pretty cool, but WOW, totally expensive. I poked my nose around the site and found the visual aids for some of the lectures, which proved to be REALLY helpful.

Wikipedia supplied me with some extra details about the art of ancient Greece. I think, before I do anything CRAZY, I should figure out the basics. I’m also kind of into this idea of experimenting with color, but that’s going to have to wait until I have a better idea of what I’m doing. Backgrounds and landscapes, objects, people. Good grief.

At least I have this feeling of accomplishment. When I attempted backgrounds for Rumors of War a couple years back, I had absolutely no idea where to start. Now I have this idea that I totally need colors like, everywhere. The people and the stuff should be just as varied. Color everywhere!

So, landscapes aside, I need to work on trees and some other large structures. The Greeks were prone to painting over their sculptures, which can be easy to forget when you stare at the stark ruins of their marble temples. I don’t think they used lead-based paint, but they did use lots of like, everything in their colors. I think.

I have this idea that people probably colored their hair, too. Maybe not as vibrant as today, and perhaps a bit more toxic, but there were probably some interesting things they did. Tattoos as well. Ancient people were more hardcore about their piercings and scarification, but I don’t think those translate in 8-bit color. Not clearly anyhow.