Continuing my subject from yesterday, I spent the afternoon and part of the evening researching color palettes in an attempt to find one that would work for my purposes. I wanted a palette that would be at once limited (more than eight and less than sixty) and also varied or evocative. I had some trouble because there have been a lot.

Cookiemonger helped me choose a palette based on the Commodore 64, which I’m going to experiment with today. I’m thinking it’s about time I dust off my stylus, because I think I’m going to need to do a lot of drawing. Thankfully, I have some subjects to start with, and at the very least, some busywork to do. (Redrawing / recoloring)

Thinking about it on the train this morning, I realized I’m going to have to make some changes in Rumors of War, namely in presentation, to represent the shift that’s going to occur. I’ve been talking about releasing a game this fall, and I think I know how and what it’s going to be. I’ve been teasing out the concepts… however slowly.

Using fewer colors means that characters will have less visual individuality, and I was thinking that I should try to further decrease the reliance on the visual aspects of the characters, trying to focus more on naming, attitude, interests, interactions, and so forth. You know, important character stuff. *snerk*