There’s an idea I’ve been mulling over the last week or so, and that’s how to handle magical energy types, like those often seen in fantasy games. Fire and lightning are common energy types, for fans of fireball and lightning bolt, and while frost is fairly common (you get a nice trio in those three), anything else is kind of up for grabs.

TVtropes has several related tropes for different energy types, which I have whiled away many an hour absorbing. Truth be told, when I set out to build Norvendae, I initially did away with energy types. I determined they were a crutch that games abused, and I wasn’t interested in leaning on anything but my intuition.

My attitude since then has changed ever so slightly. I’m still not interested in really indulging energy types, but I understand that they’re a convention of the genre, particularly when it comes to fantasy roleplaying. They’ve even seeped into other genre settings – note their appearance in games like Borderlands for example.

An idea that’s been kicking around since I read about the environment/conjuration skills from Guild Wars 2 has been this one wherein characters don’t just throw magic energy, but must first create a source which they then point at an enemy like a fire hose. I liked the idea, but I wasn’t sure how to make it work.

One of the ideas I had was to use the various implements I came up with as conduits for energy attacks. Generally, in order to do so, you must be of a class that has the State + Craft combination you desire. Say you want to use a torch to create frost effects, you’d have to be a Scout of either the Spectral or Sidereal State.

That’s just if you don’t want to conjure up an energy node before you start throwing lightning, frost, or fire around. If you don’t have a node, you need to be of the right class and be using the proper focus.

Oh, and on a fun, if unrelated note: there’s an in-universe justification for a lack of multiclassing. There are oaths and stuff, alliances, guilds, loyalties, secrets, and if you don’t cooperate, people honestly just won’t teach you the skills.